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I’ve been training at TPC for two years. I love the gym and I love the experience I have gained from training at TPC. Knowing what I know now about TPC I wish I would have started training years ago!


A great group of people! I've been training here almost 6 years now, and have met some of the best people. If you're a serious competitor, or a hobbyist, like myself, there is a place for you here. There are 6 black belts, and at least 2 on the mats all the time. TPC has become my "happy place", and my second family. Come give them a try!

Jason Walker

I've been training here for 8 months now and can't say enough about this place. Everyone here is extremely professional and the level of instruction is second to none. I have made some great friends while training here and it's exciting to see how much they have grown since I started. The attention to detail is mind blowing and the one on one attention you receive from the instructors is incredible. I highly recommend TPC to anyone interested in learning BJJ, getting into shape or just willing to try something new. You will be treated like family from the moment you walk through the doors.


I walked into Texas Punishment Crew a year ago and didn’t know what to expect. With a name like Texas Punishment Crew I could only assume I would be greeted by tough Texans anxiously waiting to greet the fresh meat with a barrage of arm bars. But that wasn’t the case. They paired me up with partners who had been training for awhile to show me the ropes and make sure I didn’t get injured. The instructors are extremely professional and truly care about each students well being, even outside of the gym. I have trained Brazilian Jui Jitsu at several other places, but none compare to Texas Punishment Crew. I am glad I walked in their doors a year ago, and met people who will be life long friends.

Shane Smith

I hesitated way too long to join. This gym is very welcoming to any newcomer. Everyone is friendly and wants to help. It’s a great way to get in shape, make friends, gain confidence, and beat up bad guys. You’ll find people with all different backgrounds, income levels, race, & age in this gym. The instructors are the best in the area. I highly recommend TPC to anyone looking for a new way to workout.

Jake Guidry

I never knew what it felt like to truly belong to a group until I started training here. I have been training here for a couple of years. I have grown on and off the mats because of everyone, including the instructors here. I highly recommend this place and especially for women. As a woman myself, I have gained confidence to be able to handle my own in public atmospheres. I love this place and all the people here. They are truly my second family. It makes training much easier when you are treated as more than just an individual. Couldn't be more proud to be part of this team. Please come give them a try, you won't regret it!

Charlie Chance

I have had no previous martial arts training before I joined TPC. The amount of patience and understanding they showed me from day has encouraged me to continue and make Juijitsu a part of my life.

Tristan Revia

TPC has changed my life for the better. It’s an amazing jiu jitsu program where I’ve been able to grow and learn the sport of jiu jitsu. I’ve met some amazing people here and it’s great to have a whole group of friends that enjoy the same thing. The instructors are first class and professional. It’s helped me through stages of life when thing got hard TPC always welcomed me back and has always been a second family to me. They’ve helped me not only with jiu jitsu but to become a better person overall. Couldn’t recommend a better place to start a lifelong hobby.

Jake Barrington

Whether you’re looking for a beginner or an expert Jiu Jitsu level, look no further than TPC. With over 6 in house black belt instructors, you’re always guaranteed a professional, first class training environment.

Ramiro Sanchez

Awesome team and family environment!!! Tough training, great jiu jitsu, incredible individuals on this mat.

Dominique Olivarez

I have nothing but great things to say about TPC. I started in 2013 looking for something different to try coming from triathlons and bike racing. I was immediately hooked once I tried it. I love the family atmosphere, the great cardio workout as well as the confidence boost it gives you learning some practical knowledge. I would highly recommend getting involved in the sport and specifically training at TPC. I would also recommend it to parents for their kids to get involved in. When my daughter is old enough she will be enrolled in their kids program.

Mark Montebello

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