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Randall Ebarb

Randall Ebarb was born November 27, 1974. He grew up and graduated high school in Jasper, Tx. After graduating high school he began a career at the Sonic Drive-In in Woodville, Tx. He was introduced to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) by his plumber Brandon Cameron. Ebarb took immediate interest in Royce Gracie and set out to learn the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu art under the instruction of Gary Cameron in August 1996. He convinced his younger brother, Jason Ebarb to join him in attending the classes. The Cameron brothers introduced them to Pat “Hawk” Hardy who ran the Silsbee Gracie Training Association which would become the Texas Punishment Crew (TPC).

It was very clear Ebarb had a talent for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). In his first tournament he tapped out two Carlos Machado blue belts after only training 7 months and took 2nd place. Ebarb was part of the very first TPC national competition team along with Pat Hardy, Kasey Jackson, Shae Sattler, and Patrick Head. They all competed and brought back home gold medals. Along with this accomplishment they became the first blue belt students at the young BJJ academy from the little town of Silsbee, Tx.

Ebarb kept his competitive edge competing in every competition possible winning across the state, country, and in Brazil. Ebarb won the Gracie Nationals in his division and in the open weight division as a blue belt. The very next year he would receive his purple division only moments before the National tournament started in the parking lot of the venue. Ebarb took the rubber bands off the belt, tied it around his waist and went on to win his division without one point being scored against him! In November 2001, Ebarb made his mixed martial arts (mma) debut and holds an undefeated 3-0 record.

Randall and his younger brother Jason Ebarb both were awarded their black belts from the legendary UFC fighter Royce Gracie in November 2006. Randall teaches, trains, and competes out of TPC HQ in Beaumont, TX.

•Party Slam Champ

•Dungal Champ

•Gulf Coast Champ

•Texas State Champ

•Arnolds Classic runner up

•Machado BJJ Tournament Champ

•Gracie Nationals Blue & Purple Belt Champ

•2004 Pan-Am Brown Belt Silver Medalist

•2007 NAGA No-Gi Champ

•( 3-0 ) MMA Record

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