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Jason Ebarb

Jason Ebarb was born in Jasper, Tx on February 10, 1983. Ebarb always had a love of the martial arts and was an enthusiastic Bruce Lee fan growing up. In the eighth grade, Ebarb’s older brother Randall brought over UFC 3. They watched Royce Gracie take on Kimo Leopoldo and defeat the much larger opponent. The two brothers instantly acquired an unstoppable urge to learn more about Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

It was by fate that Randall’s plumber at the Sonic Drive-In he managed in Woodville, Tx, practiced Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. They became the two most dedicated students under the teaching of Gary Cameron in August of 1996. Cameron introduced them to Pat Hardy who would become their instructor. It seemed Ebarb was the youngest, smallest, and weakest individual on the mat forcing him to sharpen his techniques to utilize the principles of leverage.

Ebarb won the Gulf Coast Championship, 2nd place in the East Coast Championship and the National Gracie Championship all in the adult division before he was even old enough to drive. Under the instruction of Hardy and his older brother he competed every opportunity he had. He won various tournaments statewide, across the country including the Pan-American Championship, and competed twice in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the Mundial (World) Championship. Ebarb accomplished this and had a purple belt around his waist before graduating High School in 2001. At 18, Ebarb fought his first MMA fight and holds a 2-2 record.

In November 2006, Jason and Randall Ebarb received their Black Belts from Royce Gracie, the man who had inspired them years ago. Including Pat Hardy Texas Punishment Crew has three of twelve Royce Gracie Black Belts worldwide. In 2007, Jason Ebarb became the head instructor under Pat Hardy at the Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network Silsbee, Tx Chapter / Texas Punishment Crew academy. Ebarb loves to teach, train, compete, prosper, and to create a positive environment to do so.

•Gulf Coast Champion

•East Coast Championship – 2nd Place

•Internacional De Masters Rio De Janiero-Sept. 8, 2002

•National Gracie Champion

•Bay Area Champion

•4x Dungal Champion

•2x Dungal Grand Champion

•Pan-American Champion – Blue Belt

•2x Mundial (World) Championship Competitor

•Dale Earnhardt Champion

•Carlos Machado Winter Wars Champion

•Texas State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion

•Gracie National Championship – 2nd Place

•Grapplers Quest Invitational Pro Tournament Competitor

•Battle of H-Town Pro Division – 2nd Place

•Fight to Win Black Belt Champion

•NAGA Champ NAGA US Open Gi & No-Gi Champ

•ADCC Regional 2009 Winner American Nationals - 2nd Place - Black Belt Division

•2009 Mundial, Pan-Am, US Open, No-Gi Worlds Black Belt Competitor

•6x NAGA Champion

•IBJJF Pans Bronze Medalist - Adult Black Belt

•IBJJF US Nationals Silver Medalist - Adult Black Belt

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